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Building On Faith Restoration Project 

Our Commitment ~ Our Community 

Our Plan

 Welcome to NLAC's Building On Faith Restoration Project! We are thrilled to announce our initiative to restore our 143-year-old historical church building. This iconic structure is not just a place of worship, but the heart of our faith-driven outreach to the community. When we say "Our Commitment, Our Community," we mean it.

Our Legacy 

Our Community 

Our Goals

At NLAC, our community is our top priority. Our ministries cater to the diverse needs of Clevelanders from all backgrounds, including African Americans, Whites, Mandarin-speaking Asian immigrants, persons with disabilities, and families. We provide warm meals during difficult times, offer support through our prison ministry, and instill hope with Calvary's Closet, providing free clothes. Our John Bruere Scholarship Fund opens educational opportunities for Ohio students, while our focus on enjoyable experiences includes free piano lessons, camps, and year-round inspiration for young people.

Why do we need your help?

Our legacy began with the former Calvary Presbyterian Church, which for decades aimed at meeting spiritual, as well as, community needs from our current location at East 79th Street and Euclid Avenue. In 2013, Calvary merged with Glenville New Life Community Church to form New Life At Calvary. The legacy continues!

Our goals for the Restoration include replacing the roof and restoring 36 historical stained-glass windows. We also intend to replace the heating system and the gym roof, restore the North Tower, and fix our exterior masonry walls to address major deterioration issues.

Paying for repairs and restoration will be costly because the church is a historical building. The Romanesque stone church was designed by Charles F. Schweinfurth, Cleveland’s preeminent architect of the late 1800s. Some of the stained-glass windows were crafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany and John LaFarge. Calvary was the first church in Cleveland to build a gym, which dates at least to 1900.

Let’s be frank. Calvary was built by the wealthy. NLAC is a congregation of working- and middle-class people. Still, we have a commitment to making sure that this building, which is part of our legacy as well as Cleveland’s architectural legacy, is maintained. The Cleveland Restoration Society of Cleveland is aiding with historical preservation. They recently finished the preliminary procedures for our building's candidacy for the National Register of Historic Places. We need your help to be successful with this large project. Please donate. Every amount makes a difference! You can give in a variety of ways.

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