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The Screwtape Orders traces the conversion of a young athlete and the mistakes that he makes along the way as he begins to journey with Christ. His life is part of the training ground for a young demon by the name of Cadet Eager. He is under orders from a much wiser demon in the army of Satan by the name of Major Destruction. Although Cadet Eager wants a swift victory in destroying his subject, Major Destruction advocates a more gradual and subtle approach to making the subject ineffective for use n the subject’s service to the Adversary.

During the reports being submitted by Cadet Eager and the orders being issued by Major Destruction, a hosts of topics and situations are covered that will be common to new and seasoned believers of all ages and backgrounds. Orders will be issued covering good works, false conversions, making deals, smashing idols, genuine conversions, unguarded hearts, the pitfall of victories, the dangers of the ordinary day, the deception of sin, the tragedy of comfortable friends, the unlikely fit, keeping bad secrets, running into pornography, walking by faith, the futility of trying to live in tomorrow, divine coincidences, twisting the word, knowing the time for a change, difficulties in marriage and discouragement by comparisons.

The author shares some mistakes from his own life by weaving some of them into the orders flowing from Major Destruction to Cadet Eager. No doubt you will find yourself saying, “that’s where I was at one time” or “that’s where I am now.” Most believers do not march forward with a string of continuous victories. They need to know that even when they do fail, God’s love is still available when there is genuine repentance.

This story of a believer’s walk with Christ is seen from the demon’s point of view. This fictional account is written to help readers apply the bible to their lives. Major Destruction has a far greater knowledge of the word of God than the average believer. You can a learn a lot from the way in which Major Destruction operates and issues orders in seeking to make you ineffective for the cause of Christ.

There is a spiritual battle raging all around us. It is important for us to put on the full armor of God. The goal of this book is to help you see the various angles from which the enemy is going to shoot his fiery darts. It will educate you in the every day strategy the enemy uses to neutralize the believer. It will give your hope, that no matter what has happened, God is still on the throne and the victory has already been won. Even though the battle wages, its outcome is certain. We win. Click The Cover Picture To Order The Book E-Book For Only $4.99. Click Pastor Rick's Picture to Order Hardcopy Book.
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