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     Whether it’s Mother’s Day or Women’s Day, all women should be lifted up and encouraged by the message of the day. This series includes the full sermons with the messages “Created for Honor and Glory”, “God Is Working It Out”, “What A Mother Could Use”, “Sisters in the Lord, You Have a Reason to Celebrate”, and “Mother Reminds Me Of God.”

      Pastor Rick as put together five sermons that can be of assistance to anyone needing some direction for Mother’s Day or Women’s Day. All women can be encouraged and inspired by these messages. Each message is biblical in its approach, sound in its theology, and uses the story format to put the message of the gospel into a medium that excites the hearers. The gospel of Jesus Christ should never be boring. Some of the sermons are followed by a sermon outline.

.    You can purchase all five of these sermons by clikcing on the book cover and paying only $3.99

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