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New Life At Calvary is offering to you absolutely  free, the greatest collection of Christian Videos on the planet. There are programs for Men, Women, Youth, Kids, Singles, Marriage, Parenting,  Bible Studies,  Leadership, Apologetics,  Movies, Biographies And A Whole Lot More! Click on the following link and set up your own Rightnow Media account and experience the Christian Netflix Capital of the  the world. Our church is paying for you to have this experience at no cost to you. Here is a site that has tons of videos for your kids to watch.  There will never be a charge and no one is going to ask you to join anything. This is our free gift to you to help you grow in Christ.

Free Christian Videos  

If you prefer signing up on your phone text the number 49775 and type in the message NLACOH        After you sign up, you should download the app Rightnow Media on your phone to give you quicker access to programs on your phone.

If you have a Roku TV or Roku Appliance, you can download the Rightnow Media App on your tv and watch all the videos on your tv.

You may also use the QR Code to sign up.

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