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Pastor Rick Gillespie-Mobley  is a preacher who combines practical living with humor in expounding the word of God.  You can find many of his sermons in print form at


The True Transformer 
Somebody Is Drawing A Line To Separate You From God  
God's Got It-Farewell Address
A Tale Of Two Sons
What If We Could Choose Our God      
God Has Great Things Ahead 
You Have To Enter The Ring To Win Part 3 Me Vs. The World
You Have To Enter The Ring To Win Part 1 Me Vs. Me 
Our Purpose Part 5 To Love All Who Enter Our Doors
Living With Eternity In View
God's Call, God's Choice
Our Purpose Pt 2. Teach The Word & Reach The World

Whose Report Will You Believe?
Punished For Us
Forsaken For Us
Standind Firm And Taking The Heat
Continuing A Difficult Conversation
God Has A Plan: Will You Help. Racial Reconciliation
To Make Wise Decisions, Connect The Dots
This Just Might Be Your Day
Christmas Means Accepting Things We Don't Like.
God's Shepherd--Pastor Toby
The Four Soils Of My Heart
Get On God's Team With Your Giving
Trust In God
Take A Step In Faith
How Long Will You Stay Outside
What Hasn't Changed
Eulogy For Betty Beasley
It's Time To Get Up Pt 5 Reconciliation
s Time To Get Up Pt4 God Knows What's Ahead
It's Time To Get Up Pt 3   We All Have To Face It
It's Time To Get Up Pt 2
It's Time To Get Up Pt. 1 Joseph Got Up
Hiding In Our Hearts Racism & Prejudice
Jesus Is Our Collateral Damage
Excellence Honor and Respect
What Do You Truly Love
A Change Is Coming
After The Corona Decrees, What Do I Have Left
The Lord Is My Shepherd & The Coronavirus
Fight What Comes Naturally
Why Should I Give When I Have Bills To Pay
Will You Pay The Price Of Righteousness
What Are You Doing Here
What Will You Do With The Christ Child
Jesus Is Coming
God With Us Emmanuel
Where Does Your Thanks Lead You
The Cost Of The Call
Becoming Men Of Integrity
Why Do We Have The Bible
Why Were You Chosen
God Is God And We Are Not
Disciples Go The Second Mile
Remove The Cloth
Only Be Strong And Courageous
Search Me, Am I That Brave
Maybe Instead Of Complaining
What Do You Want With Me?
What's Wrong With Jesus?
Should It Be All About Me?
Will You Do It?
A Christmas Story: Our Love For Each Other
Eulogy For Denise Nevins
So I Missed It, Now What
The Disappointment Of Having Just Missed It
Eulogy For His Father James Smith
I Could Not Have Done It Without You
To Make It In Life I Need To Encourage
Just How Much Should I Love God
I Am Building For A Lifetime
What Is God Calling Us To Become
Eulogy For Ralph Deadwyler
Moving Forward To The Next Level
Who Is My Neighbor
If I Had The Chance Again
What Makes A Man Look Good
Surprise, It's Not What I Expected
Single And Whole
Our God Is Awesome
She Touched The Heart Of Jesus
New Life New Hope
Guardrails Part 5 Comfortable Cross
Guardrails Part 4 Money The Consumption Assumption
Guardrails Part 3 Flee Baby Flee 
Guardrails Part 1 Protect And Direct
Who Is My Neighbor
Not A Fan Part 4 Comfortable Cross
Not A Fan Part 3 Intimacy
Not A Fan Part 2 Open Invitation
What Child Is This-Child Of Joy
Small Things, Big Difference
"What's Your World View
Super Heroes-Optimus Prime & Jesus-The Original Transformer
It Hurts To Be A Good Father
She Still Speaks But Are We Hearing
Homegoing--Joyce Jones
Treasuring Being Part Of The Church
What Is A Covenant Partner
I Want To Be An Example To Follow 
All I Want For Christmas Is Jesus
All I Want For Christmas Is Peace
Heaven Is Not What You Think It Is
Eulogy DeAngelo Ward
Eulogy John Hayes
In It To Win It--The Peak
In It To Win It--
Together Me
The Struggle Is Real
Marriage-The Struggle Is Real
Men-We Are In A Battle
Dangerous Prayers  Search Me
Go Fish- Muddy Waters
Celebrate -Easter Makes The Difference
Eulogy For Douglas Thomas
Training For Elders & Deacons
Overcoming Mistakes-Regrets From The Past
God's Calling You-I Don't Know WhoYou Are
God's Call You-I Just Don't Want To Do It
Daring To Wait On God
Just 3 Reasons Hell Is Real
The Bible-Why We Can Trust It
Men-Who Will We Follow?
Why Set Goals
Faith Requires A Risk
New Year, New Walk-Walk By The Spirit
Believe It Or Not The Virgin Birth
Spiritual Gifts: Speaking & Positional Gifts
Raising The Bar, Making Your Life Count
Raising The Bar, Let Your Yes Be Yes
Transformers Optimus Prime God Wants To Transform You
The Second Coming Of Christ
Light Brings Peace
God Works In Seasons
Its As Bad As Cancer, Just As Deadly Part 3 Intensive Care
Dating And Falling In Love
Power For Living- The Holy Spirit and Healing
Jesus Is Here
God The Liberator-Mother's Day
Who Are You Really?
Help I Think I'm Falling In Love
Remember Who You Are, Remember Where You Come From
Now What?-Will It Make A Difference
Am I The Chosen One?
Having An Anchor


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