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We often wonder “where is God “in the midst of a crisis. This book shares true stories of how various people discovered God in the midst of some of their darkest moments of their lives. They openly share their pains and their losses in moments when at first God seemed very distant. It handles situations in the form of the stages we go through when we are hit with an emergency. This book takes you on a journey from the crisis, to the emergency room, to the intensive care unit, to the recovery room, and finally to the discharge from the hospital. In addition to the stories, you will find questions at the end of your day to ask yourself so that you might grow during the process. Everything is geared to getting you to answer the question, “Do you wish to be made whole?” You will experience a 35 day journey from your pain to transformation by reading one short story each day. To purchase this e-book, simply click on the book and pay the $4.00 charge. To purchase a hard copy of the book, click on Pastor Rick's Picture.

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