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Event Documents 

Below are our documents that you may need to use our church for Weddings, Homegoing Services and other Special Events.  

Please note that your event is not approved until you have called the church  office at 216-391-8448 and spoken to Ruth Yarbrough or Gail H. Banes.

The fees listed in the below documents are subject to change and may or may not reflect our most current prices. 

Once you have spoken to our office staff members, your event still has to be approved by Session. 

Documents Here 

Marriage, Premarital, and Counseling Information  

We are here to assist you in doing everything that we to insure you have a successful, lifelong, and fulfilling marriage. 

Home Going and Repast Information

We are here to assist you in celebrating the life of your loved one. 

Special Event Information

We are here to assist you with you baby Shower, Birthday Party, Anniversary, and more. 

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