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New Life At Calvary Life Connect Classes

Women's Ministry 

We have groups for women that want to be a part of the church, have a support team, and grow in Christ. 

Youth Ministry 

We have many groups and activities for youth of all ages to join, meet other kids, and have fun. 

Men's Ministry 

We have many groups, outings and activities for men of all ages to join and grow in Christ. 

Music Ministry

We would love for you to join the music ministry to share your gifts and talents of music with other Christians.  

Marriage Sensation

We have a group for all married couples to join and get tips on how your marriage can become better. 

60 Plus Ministry

We have a group for 60+ to enjoy activities, lunch and outings. 


We have a media group for you to join for you passion of greeting, social media and more. 

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