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Pastor Toby Gillespie-Mobley, our Pastor Emeritus, preaches the word of God with a lot of enthusiasm and compassion.  Be Blessed as you hear or watch her preach.

Pastor Toby 9-2020.jpg

Thanks & Farewell Address

Emmanuel God With Us

Teamwork-Here's My Service

Choose To Dream Again

New Season

Go To The Rock

It's Time For A Change, The Threshing Floor

After Pentecost, Now What

Choices, Choices, Choices

Lord Open The Eyes Of My Heart

Seeking God's Presence

The Advent Journey

Overload Into Overflow

Limitless Love  How's Your Love Life

Relationships Pt.2  Extended Relationships

Relax, God's In Charge

A Christmas Story: God's Love For Us

A Word Of Thanksgiving     

A New Season

Celebrating The Past

People Matter To God

Pentecost-Before and After Being Led By The Spirit

The One Who Rolls Away Stones

Guardrails Part 2 Why Can't We Be Friends

Fan Or Follower Part 5 More Than Rules

Fan Or Follower Part 1 Which Are You

What Child Is This-A Child Of Healing

What Child Is This -A Child Of Promise

Let's Talk About The Pastors

4th Anniversary Much DonFane, Much To Do

The Fantastic Four

Wonder Woman

The Power Of The Holy Spirit

The Armor Of God

The Resurrection-Is It Really True

I Am A Covenant Partner

Being A Functioning Covenant Partner

I Want To Become More Generous

Be Thankful

Back To Church

The Struggle Is Real

There's A Whole Lot Of Praising Going On

Go Fish

Overcoming Mistakes-Move Beyond Self

God Is Calling You-I Don't Understand

I Love My Church Part 1

Daring Faith

What Is Love

Thanks After The Sacrifice

Preparing For Christmas

Spiritual Gifts Part 3-The Miraculous Gifts

Raising The Bar Make Your Life Count

When God Says Yes

Radical For Christ Part 2

Ain't Got Time For This

Where Is Jesus?-Jesus Is Risen

Discharge-From Triage to Transformation 4

The Crisis-Do You Want To Get Well?

It's A New Year-What Shall I Give?

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