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The twelve bible study lessons follow the outline breakup commonly found in the NIV bible. The lesson topics are 1) Victorious In Trials, 2) Battling Back Temptation, 3) True Religion: More Than Just Talk—Listen Then Do, 4) Getting A Grip On Prejudice And Discrimination, 5) Going Further Than The Demons, 6) Grabbing Hold Of Your Tongue, 7) Two Kinds Of Wisdom, 8) Submit To God And Find What You Need, 9) Boasting About Tomorrow, 10) Bad Employers And Getting Rich, 11) Patience In Suffering, and 12) The Power Of The Prayer Of Faith These twelve bible studies are designed for small group discussion groups, yet they can also be used by individuals in their own personal growth. The bible studies have been designed with three specific purposes. The first purpose is to get the participants to study the word of God and learn what it actually teaches. There are so many things today that people think are in the bible, that are not there in the actual texts of Scripture. The second purpose is to apply the texts of Scriptures to the participants’ live so that a life transformation process can take place. The Holy Spirit can work more effectively in open hearts. The third purpose is to build positive relationships among the participants. People can learn from each other because God is at work in all of our lives but at different stages and levels.Click on the book cover to purchase the e-book. Click on Pastor Rick's picture to purchase the hard copy book.

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