Shark Week I & II: 6.14.21 – 6.25.21


    • #BossMoves This module will give students a unique opportunity to learn how to brand their skill, service, or product in a way that’s fascinating to the consumer. Learn how to be your own boss! Register for this 2-week module at — REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Creative Expression: 6.28.21 – 7.9.21

  • #ExpressYourself Do you like to sing, rap, draw, dance, paint, write poetry, do spoken word or anything artistic? If so, this module is for You! Learn to hone your talent through Creative Expression! #DiscoverYourArtisticAptitude Register for this 2-week module today at

Robotics: 7.12.21 – 7.23.21

  • #CrankUpThePower This module will introduce scientific concepts focused on creating robots, coding & Much More! Build your own fast, smart, cool robot, learn to code & compete with your friends! Our robots will kick ro-butt! Join the #Robolution! #TechyAndWeKnowIt Register for this 2-week module at